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  • Renew's Breakup S.O.S. program is provided for general educational purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy or health activities of any nature. 
  • If you are experiencing problems such as abuse, addiction, or serious depression, we urge you to seek professional treatment immediately.
  • No refunds are available for this product.

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Breakup S.O.S. | The 7-Day Detox from Your Ex


BREAKUP S.O.S. is like hitting the PANIC button.

Leverage the tried and tested tools used at the world-renowned Breakup Bootcamp in a proven 7-day system to transform your heartbreak. You'll learn how to stabilize, heal your heart and build a foundation for moving forward.

You'll receive your first set of lessons immediately after purchase. Each morning you'll receive an email with newly unlocked lessons. A few of the days will end with a guided meditation led by me. This is process will help you detox from your ex, process the pain, and start your next chapter, renewed.

You'll have access to the videos and guided meditations for 100 days.


  1. Life-changing advice backed by sound scientific research
  2. Tried and tested tools used at Breakup Bootcamp 
  3. Practical, actionable steps that have helped countless people move forward from heartbreak
  4. Guided meditations led by Amy
  5. Each day unlocks multiple videos and exercises. 

Day 1 - Recalibration

In your first day, you will unlock three videos focused on helping you detoxing from your ex. You will go through an exercise of clearing your mental and physical space and finish with a practice to fill it up with the new. 

Day 2 - Emotional Rehab

Day 2 will unlock four videos including a guided meditation. The focus will be on managing your emotions and minimizing the intensity of the emotional charge. You will end the day with a guided meditation on raising your vibe by getting into a peak state.

Day 3 - Manage Anxiety

Day 3 will zero in on how to hack anxiety through different techniques designed to calm your nervous system. You will end the day with a longer guided meditation to release and let go of your ex.

Day 4 - Deconstruct the Story

The two videos unlocked on day 4 will guide you on deconstructing the story, and give you the tools to reframe - one of the key factors of resilience.

Day 5 - Create a New Foundation

To move forward, you need to create practices to stay grounded, receptive and compassionate. In today's lesson you will set up your new foundation moving forward. You will end the day with a guided meditation to help you cultivate self-compassion.

Day 6 - Connect the Dots

After having deconstructed your story, you will be guided in a process to explore the future and play with expansion and possibility. This is a pivot. The shakeup needed to redirect your life. This lesson will help you see where you can go when you break free from the confines of your mind.

Day 7 - Recognize the Bridge

In today's final lesson you will go through a rite of passage to alchemize the pain. You will go through an exercise to help you release the emotional charge and attachment to your ex and create your own closure. You will end with a guided meditation on opening yourself to abundance and manifesting the life and love you desire.

Each day you'll complete another step in your healing process.